Funnel based marketing for real estate

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As a real estate business your growth is dependent on three factors:

1) People should be aware about your business.If they don’t know about the existence of your business how are you going to make money?

2)You should be able to generate leads for you business.

3) Those should be high quality leads that convert.

If any of the above factors fail your business is going to fail.

Sales funnel helps you in fulfilling all these factors.

Lets dive deep to know how ?

ABC of sales funnel:

Most of the real estate businesses have pretty looking websites.The websites are created for brand awareness. But,websites alone are inefficient at generating traffic and leads.Websites don’t help visitors to navigate from point A to point B.They don’t help convert prospective customers to buying customers.There is no clear action steps for visitors to take.So ,basically what you need is series of pages that help your visitor to take action at each step.You need to collect information from them to generate leads for your business.This is what is the crux of sales funnel.

Have you been to any busy shopping area .There will be one man on the road that will be calling each person by telling all the products that his shop has and he will convince you to get inside the shop.That man is the website.Once you enter the store there is a sales person who will start showing you different products telling you how that particular product is a best for you .He will ask you to test the product  which is his call to action .Its a journey.He walks hand in hand with you to help you take  decision..This person is the sales funnel .

There are different types of funnel for different goals.Sales funnel for webinars,generating leads and form making sales .

For real estate the goal of the funnel should be generating leads.

Next question to be answered is

How do you build a high converting sales funnel for a real estate business?


1) Understand your Target audience.

As with any business you need to understand your Target audience.Who do you want to sell to .You really need to niche down to generate quality leads.Riches are in niches.Trust me sub niches are the gold mines.If you want to create a blue ocean in a red ocean you need to niche down.


  • Real estate agents who sells lake view apartments
  • Real estate agent who sell smart homes.
  • Real estate agents who help first time buyers.
  • Real estate agents who sell environmental friendly homes.

Hope you got the idea with these examples.

You need to create a customer avatar for your business.The more you know about your TG ,easier it will be to sell.

It will help you to understand what pain point of the customer you will be able to solve.It will help you in writing good sales copy.The USP of  your business will depend on your target audience.

2.Draft and create your sales funnel.

Having a rough sketch or a draft is very important for your sales funnel otherwise you will be wasting too much time if you directly jump into creating a funnel.

The funnel that you can use for Real estate business is Squeeze page funnel.

Squeeze page funnel is a 2 page funnel where you have a landing page and  a Thank you page.The idea is to take your traffic to landing page.The goal of landing page is to ask people to subscribe.Once they give you the email address in exchange of a free report or any free giveaways.Basically,you need to figure out what could be the irresistible offer that you can provide to your visitors.Some example could be :

  • Tips to buy budget homes
  • Vaastu tips to buy homes
  • Tips on how to sell your house quickly.
  • Interior ideas for small homes.

The goal to make them opt-in and then you have the email addresses of your lead.Then once they do it you can take them to your thank you page.Don’t waste this thank you page with a simple Thank you text.Add some video that convinces the visitor to take some action .

Find a best hook as a headline for your landing page.Build the curiosity and after they join the list give them the rest of the story in thank you page.

3.Drive Traffic to your funnel.

You have the system now you need visitors .The best way to drive traffic to your landing page/sales funnel is Facebook/Insta Ads and Google Ads.There are other options like  you can do an SEO and social media content creation but it will take  longer time to pay off.

FB/Insta and google ads,these two strategies will take your sales funnel to new heights.

This is not the end ,this is the beginning of your sales story.

Here is the real fun .Once you drive traffic you can A/B test that what is working and track result.


Components that you need to split test are :

  • Your Headline :This is the hook that will draw your visitor to click on your ad copy.
  • Your offer.Try to solve the pain point of the customer.More it’s relatable to your customers problem easier it will be for you to generate leads.
  • Number of form fields.Get that balance right .More form fields give quality lead but less leads.Lesser fields give more lead of average quality.You need to test it to know what works.


 Sales funnel is a very powerful tool for your real estate business .If you are not suing it you are missing on a great opportunity.You are not able to reach buyers who are looking out for you .


You can connect with me over a call if you need any help with creating high converting sales funnel Let’s get your business growing.

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